Art Dogs: An All Occasion Prop Shop

From surfboards to armchairs, Art Dogs Props has it all. Offering props large and small for commercials, videos, photo shoots and special events and environments, Art Dogs is a well-stocked prop house that is capable of a variety of creative services. The company has a stockroom packed full of anything you can imagine and they are located right here at Houston Station! Art Dogs Props is owned and operated by Elaine Hensley and Scott Moore, a talented duo who have a reputable career history in film production design, art direction and set design, and have run Art Dogs together for over 14 years now. In addition to renting props, they are both working art directors available for hire, to assist you with your next project. The shop carries many unique items, from vintage to modern and everything in between. Whether you are in the market for vintage luggage and furniture for your wedding or need specialty items for a video or commercial shoot, Elaine and Scott can make it happen. Whether its old books, phones, televisions, stringed lights and lanterns, or themed items for holidays or specialty events, Art Dogs seeks out the hard to find, and keeps a wide array of stock prop items in their storeroom.

In addition to Art Dogs Props, Elaine and Scott also own a fabulous store in East Nashville called MOXIE Fearless Furnishings. Moxie features a modern, ever-changing mix of re-imagined furniture, art, and objects from unexpected sources. They are located at The Shoppes on Fatherland, a new retail community located on Fatherland Street in the trendy 5 Points District of East Nashville. Beautiful and unique art along with fantastic home decor are just part of the eclectic collection you'll find at Moxie. Visit them on Saturdays and Sundays and contact Art Dogs Props for your next project and follow both on Facebook to view recent fabulous finds!

Ann Gowan-Smith

Nashville, TN, USA