Noteable Blends: A Unique Coffee Experience

Noteable Blends is no ordinary coffee house. Established in 2009 by owner Scott Davis, this unique music and coffee blending room is located inside the building here at Houston Station. The Blending Room is a relaxing and inviting space where you work one-on-one with maestro Scott Davis to create your own personal unique blend of coffee. For over thirty years, Scott has been a passionate believer in creating great coffee and tea experiences for his guests. In the Blending Room, you and Scott create custom coffee blends collaboratively together.  Scott achieves this largely using music as a common language for the experience of taste.  By connecting you with your personal blend of coffees, Noteable Blends puts the essence of who you are, including your style and personality, into the blending and the blend. Scott adds his years of coffee experience and knowledge into creating a blend that is not only for you, but also about you.

 Noteable Blends

Noteable Blends

But a trip to Noteable Blends is not just about the coffee.  Your experience while inside Noteable Blends will be as unique as your coffee.  A visit to Noteable Blends is perhaps the ultimate ‘Nashville’ experience, where you are immersed in a space filled with guitars and other musical instruments, all ready for action.  A vintage Hammond B-3 organ with two Leslies, a soundboard that’s always on, drums and bongos, mandolin, banjo, and live mikes provide you and your group with the ultimate performance opportunity, just for fun.  If you’re not a musician per se, the vibe still rules.  And Scott Davis, a direct descendant of Davy Crockett, whose portrait surveys the room from on high, is a storyteller of the first order, putting every visitor at ease.

Noteable Blends creates uniquely personal blends of coffees and teas for individuals, groups, and companies.  A Noteable Blend makes great party favors for events.  A Noteable Blends visit can be a terrific way to have a creative meeting or memorable event.   A Noteable Blend is a wonderful vehicle for telling your company’s story, and is unforgettable experiential advertising.  A trip to Noteable Blends is a reward to be savored on your day off, or a fabulous gift to a spouse, or to friends or guests.

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photos by Jenny Lindsey and Noteable Blends

Ann Gowan-Smith

Nashville, TN, USA