Lane Photography: Coming Soon to Houston Station!

Houston Station is excited to welcome another fantastic addition to our building! Coming soon, we will be in good company with husband and wife photography team, Scott and Kristin Barker of Lane Photography. In just a couple of months, we will be proud to have Lane Photography as part of our growing Event, Art and Music Community here at Houston Station. In 2006, after winning a maternity photo session when they were pregnant with their first child, Hayden Lane, who their business is named for, Scott was inspired to expand his passion for photography and turn it into a business. He soon shot his first wedding for a family friend and fell in love with photographing weddings. As Kristin says, "Scott can pick up anything and be amazing at it," and by looking at their work, we have to agree! Kristin did scheduling for the business and began shooting weddings herself in 2008, and the two have been working hard and enjoying every minute ever since.

In addition to weddings, Lane Photography also shoots newborn sessions and engagement sessions. They are invested in their clients, want to make a real and lasting impact on their client's marriage and develop friendships along the way. Scott and Kristin are excited about their upcoming move into Houston Station because of the opportunity to build relationships with other wedding vendors and they love the possibility for brides and grooms to be able to experience a one-stop shop for all their wedding needs.

Check out some of Lane Photography's awesome work and stay tuned for their big move into Houston Station at the end of the summer!

Ann Gowan-Smith

Nashville, TN, USA