abrasiveMedia: Helping Artists Grow, Connect and Produce

Today we are highlighting one of our community members here at Houston Station. abrasiveMedia is an organization that facilitates and advocates for Nashville artists, helping them grow, connect and produce. A multi-disciplinary artist center, abrasiveMedia offers an Artist Residency program, allowing artists to teach their craft and to host classes in a variety of artforms. Literary and visual artists alike have found abrasiveMedia as a central hub to engage with the community. A professional contemporary & aerial dance company, FALL, offers aerial dance classes, trapeze classes and more. Aerial classes are done in partnership with both FALL and the Aerial Fabricators. A community partner of abrasiveMedia, New Dialect, offers dance classes on a regular basis, and brings in world class choreographers and instructors to offer workshops.

Graphic novel artist David Landry, offers painting classes. Landry is in the process of creating a unique project called "Th3 Anomaly," a graphic novel gallery exhibition composed of over 300 paintings, props, costumes, and miniatures that narrates a story as you walk through the exhibit. These are just a few examples of the amazing talent that is going on within abrasiveMedia.

Currently located in a temporary space within Houston Station, abrasiveMedia will soon be in a nearly 3,000 square foot space just down the hall. Once in the larger studio, they will be expanding their residency programs, offering a gallery space and opening up greater opportunities for involved artists. Theater performances and gallery showings will be hosted at abrasiveMedia, and more classes, such as Yoga and Pilates will be offered. This larger space will allow for divided sections of co-working spaces, dedicated to creative entrepreneurship.

A unique and growing organization, abrasiveMedia is fostering a creative community for artistic awareness and growth; a place for artists to experiment, collaborate and share their artistic abilities with the community. Be sure to visit them at abrasivemedia.org to learn more and to check out their available classes! Check out their Work + Create for resident artist studios and creative co-working space.

Images from abrasiveMedia's Facebook page.

Ann Gowan-Smith

Nashville, TN, USA