Exposed beams. Hardwood floors. Original brick. One of the things we love most about Houston Station is its absolutely stunning interior, and even more so, the rich history behind it.

Imagine what these walls have witnessed in the past 130 years? Workers canning jellies and darning hose, years and years of sweat and laughter. These buildings have seen love and hard work and perseverance, and all this historic knowledge, this witness, shines through in the very soul of the space. We've seen it. It glows.


Houston Station, in its entirety, is actually a marriage of two buildings. The western building was originally built in 1885 and became home to the May Hosiery Mill; a business that employed generation of Nashville families, and even helped stimulate the city's economy throughout the depression. In fact, the mill grew to establish itself as the largest sock mill in the American South.


The western building wasn't the only place getting business done, however. The eastern building, built only 15yrs later, in 1900, became home to the American Syrup Company. They jammed, they jellied, they sweetened tobacco with syrupy molasses; and the business grew and prospered here until 1970, when the company decided to leave the preserve business for good.

After that, the buildings sat empty for quite some time...Then we decided to do something about it. In 2005, Houston Station stepped in and restoration commenced. We decided there was just too much precious Nashville history to let the building go to waste any longer. We figured, good business was done (and celebrated) here, and good business should continue to do so.

As a corporate event venue, the updated space really shines. The warm and cozy atmosphere doesn't have the uptight feel of office life, so when you're talking business here, it just feels like you're talking.

Fundraising events, business dinners, even in a formal dinner setting, Houston Station has grown into one of Nashville's best corporate event solutions. If you're looking for somewhere intrinsically tied to Nashville's history, and with a little more soul than a typical corporate event venue, come see us! We'd love to have you come explore all the beauty and warmth that is Houston Station!