Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Planning a corporate event can be intimidating. The decorations, the catering, the can all be a little daunting. However, here at Houston Station, we'll gladly help take that stress right off your plate! Our in-house planners have the ability to produce the perfect company party at the corporate event venue you've been looking for. Here's a couple tips on how we help bring your food and beverage game to the next level:

1) Make Them Feel Special With Specialty Cocktails

Nothing kicks off a great corporate event quite like an exquisite selection of hand-crafted cocktails. Offering your guests a specialty cocktail is a true mark of class and sophistication at any corporate dinner. It shows that you like to have fun and ultimately, that you care. Any old venue can uncork a bottle of wine and pour it into a glass, but here at Houston Station, we go the extra mile to make sure your corporate employees feel warmly welcomed, refreshed, and ready for the main event; and it all starts with that first sip! We offer an open vendor policy, so you can choose a particular caterer, we can help you choose one, or you can simply bring your own! Either way, a specialty cocktail is the right way to show your employees your true level of appreciation. Plus, they're beautiful and tasty!

2) Let Them Eat (More Than) Cake!

Whether you're brainstorming gala themes, charity event ideas, or fundraising events, the most important facet of any corporate dinner is undoubtedly THE FOOD.

Now, we've heard it before, employees come to the normal ballroom function, they drink, they dance, they mingle, and somehow (one way or another) half of them leave hungry. Oftentimes, when thinking of all the minute details of big corporate events, the catering comes down to a last minute call. Why is that? Great food is a long-standing Southern tradition and here at Houston Station, we will absolutely help to make sure your corporate event has all the delicacies Nashville has to offer! With our open vendor policy, you can select whatever caterer you have in mind, and we can even give you some of our favorite suggestions if you'd like! Be it barbeque brisket or bruschetta, savory salmon or sweets; give your guests the royal treatment. Leave them with a taste for the best corporate party imaginable. We'll have more tips coming your way soon, so stay tuned for the next installment of great corporate party ideas we have to offer!