ARRISTER, Custom Hand-Crafted Furniture Designed by You

We are excited to have Arrister as part of our Houston Station community!

Founded in May 2014, Arrister creates custom furniture through use of an online product configurator. It is so easy to design your own unique piece of furniture by using the Arrister website to choose a product (such as a desk or bookshelf), customize the length, width, height, finish and more and see it develop right before your eyes. You finalize your design, submit your order and the Arrister team gets to work on your custom furniture piece.

Arrister has launched their first furniture line, PARSONAL, on Kickstarter. This project was built around the principles of the original Parsons table, which was intended to be so simple that regardless of its size or finish, the integrity of the design would be maintained. Because of this, PARSONAL seamlessly blends with any style or aesthetic. Every piece in PARSONAL is built using high quality wood sourced locally from the Appalachian Timber Reserve. It is durable and easy to assemble and disassemble.

According to Arrister CEO, Andy Chick, "We've spent the last year perfecting our online user experience, from selection to checkout. The high standard to which we build our furniture is also the standard to which we've crafted our entire customization process."

The company plans to raise $36,000 through their Kickstarter campaign, which runs through April 3rd. Funds will go toward a production ready factory space, and to perfect the product configurator, making it easy for customers who order this high quality line.

Show your support for Arrister by pledging through their Kickstarter campaign. Check out this video to learn more about PARSONAL and help Arrister reach their goal!

Photos courtesy of Arrister Facebook page.

Ann Gowan-Smith

Nashville, TN, USA