Introducing LVD Bridal

Perfect for more eco-friendly or budget-conscious brides,  LVD by The Dress Theory Bridal Shop (pronounced "loved") was created to make designer wedding gown consignment effortless and enjoyable. The boutique is filled with unique and stylish options, including former sample gowns by designers such as Sarah Seven, Lela Rose, and Houghton Bride. Other gowns come from past brides (many of whom purchased from The Dress Theory) whose dresses meet LVD's style and condition standards.

When asked about her experience with LVD, Manager Ila Dillender says:
"I have been in the fashion/retail industry for many years, but there is nothing like the wedding industry, and selling wedding gowns specifically has been the sweetest and most fun I have ever experienced in my career so far. Helping our brides find their gown and being a part of such a significant and special moment is something I feel blessed to do every day.

The main thing we want all of our brides to feel is special and pretty. I want to make sure all my brides feel very well taken care of. My favorite part of the whole experience (other than when she knows she found THE gown and the tears start to roll down everyone's cheeks--including mine) is towards the end when we all feel like close girlfriends, like we have known each other for year. It never gets old. Knowing you have helped a woman feel her absolute best is one the many reasons I do this."

If you are interested in finding your dream dress or selling your gently used gown, you can schedule an appointment with LVD here or follow them on Instagram @lvdbridal.

Also, make sure to check out an article about LVD on Ashley's Bride Guide here, which includes a brief interview with Founder Camille Wynn.