48-Hour Film Projects & Pedal Taverns

A couple of weeks ago, Refinery Nashville hosted a video shoot in their space. The video shoot was for Paper Ghost Pictures as they filmed their feature "Everyday Yeti" for the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project. Their film won in various categories, including Best Film de Femme, Best Graphics, Best Director, and (most notably) Best Film! Make sure to check out their film!

(All photos from their public Facebook pages)

Additionally, Samantha & Sarah from Events Nashville got to participate in a filming for local country music artist, Amy Wilcox, courtesy of Aristo PR. They got to take part in the filming for "Summer In Slow Motion" (song available on iTunes) on the Nashville Pedal Tavern. Other participants included representatives from ZUUS Country, Taste of Country, Nashville Country Club, and Jukebox Mixtape. Beer provided by TailGate Beer.

(Sarah & Samantha-top left corner. Amy Wilcox-top right corner.)