Weekly Highlights

As always, we have had a lot of events happening inside Houston Station. Construction for two restaurants is well underway, a new business (to be featured soon) is getting close to its opening date, and the end-of-summer hustle and bustle is in full force.

This last week Houston Station was home to a Yoga Workshop in both the Events Nashville space as well as abrasiveMedia's space. Events Nashville also hosted a corporate dinner for Vanderbilt's Masters of Accountancy program (MAcc Dinner, pictured below) as well as a wedding ceremony and reception.

This week, Events Nashville is hosting Liberty Party Rental's "Styled Shoot" to use as promotional materials for their new rentals.

abrasiveMedia will continue with regular classes, including a series of classes with New Dialect. They are hosting Feldenkrais this Monday-Friday from 9:30am-10:45am. "Free yourself from unnecessary habitual patterns and enable new, more effective ways of moving."

 Weekly Highlights

Check back next week for new updates on the Houston Station Community!