Finally Feeling Like Fall

Along with the cooler fall weather comes some of the busiest months at Houston Station. We have seen a lot of increased foot traffic in the neighborhood, especially due to events like the First Saturday Art Crawl and locals checking out the new construction in the Wedgewood/Houston area. Construction for restaurants Bastion and Hemingway's Arcade have also really kicked Houston Station into high gear.

Last weekend abrasiveMedia and Refinery Nashville participated in the Art Crawl, Sara Ray Interior Design officially began regular office hours, and Events Nashville hosted two weddings.

This past weekend, Events Nashville also hosted the #UMatter fundraiser for suicide awareness and prevention, as well as two more weddings.

Also, Sherrick & Paul Gallery had a new exhibit open on September 10 and runs through October 31. The exhibition features a selection of 23 works by American photographer Bryan Schutmaat from the collection Grays the Mountain Sends.

 Finally Fall