Live Music: A Surefire Way To Make Your Corporate Event Sing

We all know live music is the bright shining star on top of the corporate dinner tree, so here at Houston Station, we wanted to give you some of our favorite options of previous performances we've hosted. Here are some of our favorites, and rest assured, if you choose to host your live music event at our Nashville event space, we'll have your corporate event swinging in no time!

1) A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'N Roll

Americana Musician

There are few genres of music that bring our space to life quite like Americana. The narrative, the vocals, the fiddle...a true Nashville style in a true Nashville space. When we brainstorm charity event ideas or fundraising events, we always like to keep Americana music in mind, particularly because there are so many great artists in the Nashville area, and so many are willing and excited to help out a great cause!

2) Bring Tha Noise, Bring Tha Funk

Funk Band

Nothing will get you and your guests up and onto the dance floor quicker than a funk band. Funk has the ability to transform any corporate event venue into the venue you've been waiting for; and Houston Station is the perfect place to have this sort of fun. Our historic venue boasts incredible acoustics, so the horns, the backup singers, the drums, they'll all blend perfectly to create an alive atmosphere full of camaraderie at your next corporate dinner.

Want to know more about our event space and how to book your next corporate event with us? Contact us. We'd love to show you around!