DIY Photo Booth: Capture The Moment!

When thinking about non-profit event planning, or how to plan a fundraiser, the word "fun" is obviously key. What would your guests enjoy doing? How can you create a memorable experience, one they can carry with them for years to come? As a corporate events company, one easy and inexpensive move we've seen trending over the last year is the increase in the use of the DIY photo booth. It's fun, it's a quick set up, and it's a real crowd pleaser!

There are two main considerations to take into effect when creating your very own DIY photo booth: the backdrop, and of course, the props.

First and Foremost: The Backdrop

This is really where you can let your creative skills shine. Simple backdrops will work, but you can always go above and beyond by layering drapes, adding some metallic or fun accents to further your gala theme. You can even use painted, crumpled coffee filters to give it a textured effect. Or maybe you've got some killer art skills? You can paint a simple backdrop to further incorporate the theme of your next corporate dinner. Anyway you swing it, the backdrop is an easy, fun way to show off what your corporate function is all about. 

photobooth picture

Now that You're All Set Up, Props!

You might think the idea of making your own photo booth props sounds time consuming, even daunting, but chances are, you'll find everything you'll need around the house already! Check your closet for a fuzzy scarf or big floppy hat, look in your desk for a magnifying glass or thick paper to color in and cut out a mustache. You can also usually find printable photo booth props online for adding a little extra flare to your event.

Remember, our corporate event planners can help make these fun photo booth dreams possible at our beautiful, historic Nashville space, so if you're interested in hearing more, contact us! We'd love to show you around!