Malick Sidibé at Sherrick & Paul

Through this Saturday, January 9, 2016, Sherrick & Paul is featuring a selection of 40 black and white photographic prints by West African photographer Malick Sidibé.

"With his hallmark aesthetic, a blend of documentary and staged portraiture, Sidibé became known globally for capturing the cultural shift in Bamako, Mali, as the nation transitioned from a French colony to an independent nation in 1960.....

Sidibé’s formal education and apprenticeship under classic portrait photographers left him with a strong appreciation for pose and composition, yet the resulting images are more apt to convey a moment captured in time, a spontaneity of gesture and expression belied by intentional arrangement. The subjects are also the authors of their images, standing, often for the first time, in front of a lens in which they could and did define themselves in their own terms rather than as subjects of a colonial eye with a foreigner’s tendency toward framing them within the context of exotic otherness." - Sherrick & Paul Press Release

Sherrick & Paul's gallery hours are 11am-5pm, Thursday-Saturday.