Shake It Up (With A Mixologist)!

When planning for any corporate dinner, business luncheon, or fundraising event, the question of beverages is one that comes up very early in the process. What would you like to serve? Will there be cocktails or exclusively wine? How can this facet of your function be uniquely you, while also making your guests feel special and welcomed?

The answer is easy: get a mixologist.


It's important for you and your guests to have the richest experience possible when attending your corporate function, after all, you're celebrating all their wonderful achievements; and as a corporate events solutions venue, here at Houston Station, our event planners have the ability to transform your function into a memory they'll love and cherish for years to come. A fun way we like to do this is by acquiring some of Nashville's top-notch mixologists, which will give your guest's libations a unique and inspired flavor.

The mixologists we employ take a culinary approach to cocktails, assuring that each mixture is hand-crafted and combined perfectly to create stunningly, creative cocktails.

In 2016, we're seeing a serious return in the trend of "the cocktail" at events, and with an expert mixologist serving drinks at your party, you'll not only have the perfect bartender, but you'll also have someone who's taken on the challenge of creating and designing a unique cocktail specifically for your event. Now that's really something to celebrate!


Want to know more about our genuine Nashville event space and how we can help make your corporate dinner a success? Contact us! We'd love to show you around!