Shine a Light on Your Next Celebration

As a corporate event venue, if there's one thing we know how to do, it's party. Our expertise resides in the food, the drinks, the music, but most importantly, we know what it takes to transform our space into the Nashville meeting space you've been looking for. So, whether you're hosting a fundraising event, business luncheon, or corporate dinner, our in-house event planners will take care of everything, down to the very last detail, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the camaraderie of the evening.

One of our favorite parts of hosting these events is decorating our historic warehouse, particularly, stringing the lights! We love to shine a light on all things celebratory, and one way we are able to accomplish such stunning décor is with the help of one of our Houston Station community members, Southern SKY Event Lighting.

string lights

We are huge fans of all of Southern SKY's work, and with their help, we have the ability to string lights from the rafters, shine a spotlight on a keynote speaker, or even lamplight the bar for a more relaxed atmosphere. Their expertise and exquisite selection of gorgeous lights really help bring our genuine Nashville event space to life, and even more so, shines beautifully as a background for your celebration. Remember, it's all in the details...And we're very proud to have every last little detail covered!

edison bulbs

So, if you're looking for somewhere with a little more soul to host your next corporate dinner, or somewhere to shed a little light on your next fundraising event, give us a call. We'd love to show you around!