Paint Your Event!

Paint Your Event

Looking for a unique memento from your special event? What better way to commemorate all of your hard work with a personalized piece of artwork? Local Nashville artist, Heidi Schwartz of Paint Your Event, specializes in real-time event paintings. Heidi creates memorable interpretive live event paintings ranging from corporate events and charity banquets to weddings and birthdays. One of the leading talents of event painting, Heidi is able to capture your event in a way photography cannot match.

This slideshow demonstrates just one example of the work Heidi has done: a custom piece of art from Houston Station's holiday appreciation party! It is currently hanging in the Events Nashville office as a treasured keepsake!

If you want to learn more about Heidi and her work, you can visit her website. She also has a big event coming up, so make sure to stop by 100 Taylor Street on Thursday, April 21 from 5-9pm to check out Heidi's showcase and support her as a local artist! We know a lot of us at Houston Station are excited to see her work, and to support our dear friend!