First Things First: Dessert!

Designing desserts for a corporate dinner or formal dinner setting isn't always easy. That's why, so many times at run-of-the-mill events, you'll see stale cookies or a pile of crusty brownies stacked on a tray. However, here at Houston Station, we've got the perfect corporate event solution when it comes to desserts, and one of our favorites is...the parfait!

Not only can parfaits be delicious, but they are also very beautiful. The parfait is the perfect way to spin new and interesting new twists on a traditional dessert, while giving your guests something they can enjoy and eat at their own pace. This particular dessert is not only hand-held and contained for easy clean up, but it can also be designed to match your exact gala theme or charity event idea. Remember, food should be fun!


The best part is you won't have to worry about the run-around and logistics when it comes to booking a creative caterer for your event; our in-house event planners will be sure to help pair Nashville's best catering services for your specific corporate dinner or gala theme. We'll deal with the pesky details, leaving you to enjoy yourself, the company of your guests, and all those delicious goodies when the big day arrives.


Speaking of goodies, have you ever seen a more beautiful sight at a corporate event than a towering stack of sugary sweets? Sure does beat the pants off those stale cookies and brownies we mentioned earlier, doesn't it?

If you're wanting something with a little more flair, a little more effort, and overall, something much more genuine for your next corporate event, contact us! We'd love to show you around!