Leroy Hodges, Jr. Featured Artist

It is well-known that the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood is one of the top arts & music neighborhoods in Nashville. This is largely contributed to the high volume of art galleries and studios packed into the expanse between Wedgewood Avenue and Houston Street. On the first Saturday of every month, locals and visitors alike make the short trek from downtown to our neighborhood to experience the Wedgewood/Houston Art Crawl.

Luckily for us, Houston Station is one of the favored stops along the stretch of galleries and studios who open their doors to the public. With artistic co-working spaces such as abrasiveMedia and Refinery Nashville, we are fortunate enough to have a ton of foot traffic from art enthusiasts hungry for inspiration. Coming up next week during the June Wedgewood/Houston Art Crawl, Refinery Nashville is highlighting artist Leroy Hodges, Jr.

  The Church Lady  by Leroy Hodges, Jr.

The Church Lady by Leroy Hodges, Jr.

Growing up in Meridian, Mississippi, Leroy learned to appreciate the beauty of life and nature despite challenging times and events. "Nature with all its beauty reflects a moment in time. Through painting, one can capture not only the beauty in nature, but also what can be imagined; the struggle, joy, and pain of the Human Spirit.," Leroy expressed. He said art allows him to express his God-given abilities in way the world has not seen before, and to unlock the keys of nature's unique shapes and wonderful creations.

Leroy's art evolved during the late 1990s through self-study, workshops, and training under various artists. Oil painting is his medium of choice because of its richness and pure colors. His artistic style is descried as expressive, thought-provoking, and imaginative. -Refinery Nashville

If you want to experience the beauty of Leroy's work, make sure to stop by Refinery Nashville on Saturday, June 4 between 6pm and 9pm. More information here.