Welcome, Nashville Pilates Company!

Nashville Pilates Company has opened their doors in the Houston Station community! We sat down with our newest neighbors to get to know them a little more:

Tell us about yourselves, what brought you to Houston Station?

When we first conceived the idea of a warm, friendly, professional, inclusive Pilates studio, we brainstormed ideas for where to locate.  As you know, Nashville is a hot city right now and finding the space was a challenge.  We wanted a place that felt like a community space, where people could not only come to work out, but also to gather and share our passion for Pilates.  The search was frustrating at times, because we also wanted a place with character and one that embodies the spirit of Nashville.  We found Houston Station through a Craigslist ad and once we took the tour, we were hooked!  We love the energy, the creative vibe, the friendly people and of course, the beautiful historic building.

What makes Pilates stand out from other fitness regimens?

Although Pilates has become somewhat trendy these days, Pilates actually has a long history.  Joseph Pilates created the method in the early 20th Century during his time in a British internment camp.  Over the years, it has evolved into a program that focuses on alignment, breath, mental awareness and movement to build strength and flexibility.  Pilates’ focus on proper form actually helps with all other types of exercise.  And for those recovering from injuries or who are living with chronic pain or other issues, it helps rebuild strength and mobility. 

What makes Nashville Pilates Company unique?

Nashville Pilates Company is different from other studios in that each instructor is her or his own small business.  We offer a beautiful, turnkey studio where certified instructors from all styles of Pilates methods can build their clientele and be part of our professional, dynamic and inclusive community. Clients are free to choose the instructor that best meets their needs and goals, and together they can build a relationship based on communication and trust. 

Do you have any words of encouragement for somebody seeking some fitness inspiration? 

Many people focus on unrealistic expectations and body images created by the media and other external factors.  Fitness should be a lifelong practice and a journey unto itself.  The beauty of Pilates is that everyone can become more flexible, more mobile and stronger regardless of where you start.  Focus on the process; enjoy the feeling of moving your body and the results will follow.


If you missed their open house, you can learn more about Nashville Pilates Company at @NashvillePilatesCompany on Facebook.