Houston Station resides in a pair of historic brick, stone, and heavy timber factory structures located at 434/438 Houston Street in Nashville, Tennessee. Built on a lot of 1.53 acres, the 98,500 square foot complex is zoned industrial. The western building at 438 Houston Street was constructed in about 1885 and became the original home for the May Hosiery Mill. The eastern factory building at 434 Houston Street dates from about 1900 and was home to the American Syrup Company, where jams, jellies, and syrups were manufactured. With direct rail access, the second floor space housed a tobacco “loose room” where some locally raised tobacco was made into twist chewing tobacco sweetened with syrup and molasses products and some tobacco brought from regional farms was moved on its way to cigarette manufacturers. The American Syrup Company left the preserve business in the 1970’s to create molded styrofoam building products. Largely vacant through the 1990’s, the complex was purchased by Houston Street Partners in 2005, when restoration efforts began. 

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